Making Sure Your Scottie Is Taken Care of While You Are on Vacation

Although It’s Hard to Part with Your Scottie for Vacation, There Are Ways to Take Care of Your Scottie While You’re Away

Vacations are wonderful to get away for a while, and what better time than the summer time to take one! As a pet owner, you understand there’s a lot more planning involved to make sure your furry friend enjoys their time too while you’re away. When looking for the right person to watch over your dog while you’re out of town, it’s important to make sure you have the right information ready for your dog’s sitter.

Food for Scottie while you're on vacationHave a List of Resourceful Information

Meal portions and schedule, emergency phone numbers, and a list of any medications that your Scottish Terrier is taking are important pieces of information to provide your scruffy pup’s temporary caretaker. Be sure to mention any habits, such as digging or food begging, so that the puppy sitter can make sure your Scottie stays on its best behavior.

Make Sure Your Pup Receives Plenty of Interaction

Although Scotties like to have their independence, they still need interaction. Long periods of isolation can make Scottish Terriers feel antsy. Whether you bring your Scottie to a pet boarding facility or hire a pet sitter to watch over your four-legged friend, make sure your pup gets plenty of socialization time. Mention your pup’s favorite toys and activities so that they can have the same kind of fun they normally would have. If you are boarding your dog, you can always leave your Scottie a shirt or an item that smells like you to remind them of home, providing them extra comfort.

If you are worried about how well your Scottie will play with other dogs while you’re away, don’t! Our Scottish Terriers at Southern Scotties are socialized at a young age, so they are comfortable playing with people and other dogs.

Toys for Scottie Vacation CareAlong with Interaction, Ensure They Get Exercise While You’re on Vacation

Just like how exercise is healthy for humans, dogs also need some time to stretch their legs. Make sure your dog sitter gives your Scottie about 30 minutes of exercise each day. Since it’s summertime, make sure to tell your sitter that your Scottie needs access to fresh, cold water and even shade if possible. There are many dog kennels that offer outdoor playtime, so be sure to keep that in mind as you look for the best place for your Scottie to stay while you’re on vacation.

If You Are Hiring a Dog Sitter, Let the Person Get to Know Your Scottie

You know your Scottie better than anyone else. You know their personality, habits, what they like, and what they don’t. Scottish Terriers are a highly intelligent and loyal breed, which means they may not want to take orders from someone they don’t know. If you are hiring a pet sitter to watch your Scottie while you go out of town, have the person meet your four-legged companion beforehand. Your potential sitter can play and interact with your pet so that they both get to know each other.

Happy Scottie after owner gets back from vacationBe Sure to Give Your Dog Plenty of Hugs and Kisses When You Come Home

While keeping your furry friend happy while you’re away is important, your Scottie will be the most excited to see you when you come home. When you do come home from your vacation, be sure to give your Terrier a BIG hug and plenty of praise for being so well-behaved while you were on vacation.

If you have any clever tips on caring for your Scottish Terrier while on vacation, please add them or your Terrier’s vacation story in the comment section!

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