Can My Scottish Terrier Go Swimming?

Make Sure Your Scottish Terrier Is Swimming Safely This Summer

Everyone wants to beat that summertime heat, including your Scottie! When a Scottish Terrier feels overheated, the pup will try to find a way to cool off. If your property has a pool or body of water nearby, your fearless Scottish Terrier might try to take a soak in order to cool off. However, like all dogs, letting your Scottish Terrier swim unsupervised or without assistance is never a good idea.

At Southern Scotties, we want to make sure you have a fun, safe summer with your Scottish Terrier. Like a toddler, your puppy needs to be closely monitored when it comes to swimming. Although Scotties are not natural swimmers, most do enjoy the water. It’s your job to make sure they enjoy the water safely.

Scottish Terrier just finished swimming in the oceanNot All Dogs Have a Natural Instinct for Swimming

Scotties have several great talents and attributes, such as being excellent walking companions, hunters, and protectors. Swimming, however, is not one of their stronger abilities. With short legs and dense bodies, Scottish Terriers are not built to be strong swimmers. This does not mean that they won’t enjoy the water, just that you will need to give your Scottie plenty of hands-on practice and patience.

Start by Using a Kiddie Pool

When it comes to putting your Scottie in water, it’s important to handle your pup with care. Because Scotties are not natural swimmers, getting your pup comfortable in the water is a slow and gradual process. We recommend using a kiddie pool for your Scottie to enjoy at first while you are outside. Kiddie pools with shallow water are safer to start out with than a deep pool, and fresh water is better for their skin than a chlorinated pool.

Be gentle and encouraging when you are introducing your Scottish Terrier to the water. Some Scotties may jump right in while others may take several tries. Allow your puppy to feel out the water without any excessive force or intimidation. Never splash water at your dog because that will startle and intimidate them, causing your Terrier to be more anxious about the water.

If your furry friend seems comfortable in the kiddie pool, you can try swimming lessons. Just remember, Scottish Terriers are not built to swim on their own, so be sure you are always there to lend a helping hand. If your Scottie seems uncomfortable or overwhelmed in the pool, your dog either needs more time to get used to it or should be allowed to sit poolside while you enjoy the water.

Scottish Terrier with a pool floatieKeep Your Scottie Safe This Summer

People enjoy having their furry companions outside to enjoy the summer fun with them. However, because of the Scottish Terrier’s thick coat, they are hot-natured and can get overheated easily. Limit your Scottie’s time out in the sun and always have fresh, cold water for them to drink.

If you do have a pool or any kind of body of water around your home, be sure to monitor your pup at all times when they are outside. If you decide to let them near the water, we recommend that your Terrier wears a floatation vest just to be safe. The life jacket will help your puppy float to the surface if he or she accidentally falls in or becomes too tired to swim.

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