Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization

Southern Scotties has Integrated a Program to Develop Our Scottish Terrier Puppies Socialization Skills

Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization Program

The Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization program at Southern Scotties is key in helping us consistently breed & raise world class Scottish Terrier puppies. The team at Southern Scotties strives to ensure our customers receive the best Scottish Terrier puppy possible by Scottish Terrier Socialization Programimplementing this incredible socialization program. Our program focuses on several things to help socialize and prepare each Scottie puppy before heading home with his or her new family. We begin potty training each puppy at an early age using a pet crate. By the age of 8 weeks, our puppies are nearly 90% to 100% potty trained using a pet crate. Southern Scotties also makes sure that your puppy has all the necessary puppy shots, worming treatments, and health check-ups with our licensed veterinarian before leaving with their new family. But one of our best Scottish Terrier puppy preparation tools that we’ve implemented is our Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization program. Our close friends with the Red Barn Farm Tour in Amite, Louisiana have allowed our Scottish Terriers puppies between 6 to 8 weeks of age accompany them as they travel to different locations throughout the Southeast educating children & adults on the many types of farm animals. The Red Barn Farm Tour is presented at schools, camps, festivals, parties, and other gatherings. The Farm Tour introduces both children and adults to the variety of live animals commonly found on a farm. During these events, 100s to 1000s of adults and children have an opportunity to touch, hold, and play with the farm animals, This is where the Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization program comes in…Each of our Scottish Terrier puppies will travel around with the Red Barn Farm Tour for 1-2 weeks, having the chance for kids and adult to hold, love on, and play with them. The Scottie puppies will also interact with a variety of farm animals during these events become much more comfortable when other animals are nearby. By the end of each puppies 10 day to 2 week socialization adventure on the Red Barn, they will have a much calmer content personality, feel comfortable when picked up & held, not be anxious in the presence of other animals, and begin to appreciate the hugs & love their families will be ready to share once they make it to their new homes,

Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization Photos

Below you will find more photos from the Southern Scottie’s socialization program. These pictures help visitors understand a little better just how wonderful this program is in helping socialize & prepare our Scottie puppies. Every Southern Scottie’s Scottish Terrier puppy experiences being held, walked, and loved on by several adults and children at the socialization events. As our Scottish Terrier puppies reach 8 weeks of age, he or she has attended on average 5 to 7 Red Barn Farm Tour events and been socialized with hundreds of people. Please take a moment and browse through the Scottish Terrier Puppy Socialization program photos below. As always, if you have any questions regarding our Scottie puppies or the socialization program feel free to call or email us anytime. A member of the Southern Scotties team will be happy to help!

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