Scottish Terrier Puppy Protocol

Each Scottish Terrier Puppy at Southern Scotties Receives the Following Before Going to Their New Homes

Puppy Protocol At Southern Scotties

At Southern Scotties we take pride in our Scottish Terrier puppies and we want to deliver the absolute best possible puppy to each and everyone of our customers. With that said, we follow the same Puppy Protocol guidelines for each of our Scotties born. The system has proven time and time again to deliver adorable, healthy, playful, and well behaved Scottish Terrier puppies to our customers. One of the biggest helps in creating such a well rounded puppy is from our friends at the Red Barn Farm Tour in Louisiana. The owners of the Red Barn Farm Tour allow our Scottish Terrier puppies to join them on school field trips and childrens parties during the puppy’s last few weeks before going home. While at the Red Barn, each puppy is held and played with by 100s – 1000s of children & adults. The Scottish Terrier puppy also has an opportunity to interact with other farm animals which offers a wonderful socialization experience before leaving Southern Scotties care and going to their new family. By the time our Scottish Terrier puppies are ready to go home, they are much more familiar with people holding and loving on them, as well as had plenty of experience with potty training using a pet crate. Most of our Scotties are almost fully potty trained using a pet crate by the time he or she is 8 weeks old and headed home to their new family. Below you will see the full overview of the current Puppy Protocol policy at Southern Scotties.

Southern Scotties Puppy Protocol

  • All of our female Scottish Terriers are whelped by local veterinarian
  • Each puppy has had 2 vaccinations by 8 weeks of age
  • Each puppy has had a minimum of 4 worming treatments by 8 weeks of age
  • All puppies revisit the veterinary at 4 weeks of age for healthy puppy checkup
  • All puppies are socialized through a wonderful program offered by the Red Barn Farm Tour
  • All puppies have begun and are close to being potty trained using a pet crate by 8 weeks of age
  • Certified Health Certificate provided if flying by airline to their new family
  • CKC Continental Kennel Club registration papers provided to the new owner
  • Records of puppy vaccinations & worming treatments provided to the new owner
  • Microchipping services are available for your puppy. Contact us for details.

If you have a question for the staff at Southern Scotties, feel free to call us at 985.981.1161 or send us an email. A team member will be happy to assist.

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