Are Scottish Terriers and Toddlers a Good Mix?

Keep Playtime Safe by Making Sure Your Scottish Terrier and Toddler Get Along

Scottish Terriers make a wonderful addition to the family. On top of their unique facial features and build, Scotties are a popular breed to own because they are small, low-maintenance dogs that can live happily in a place with limited space such as an apartment. While Scotties do make amazing pets, their personality traits can make parents wonder: “Will my Scottish Terrier and toddler get along?”

The simple answer is yes, a Scottish Terrier is safe to have around young children. They are not considered aggressive dogs, but at the same time, they are not an affectionate breed like pugs or golden retrievers. What makes these dogs unique is their high intelligence and devoted loyalty to their owner. Understandably, some parents still worry about whether it is safe for their dog to be around their toddler. Although Scotties are nonaggressive dogs, it is still important to take extra steps to ensure that your child and Scottie become best friends.

Start training at a young ageTraining at an Early Age Is Important

Young Scotties are fairly energetic. They love to play and can even be a little stubborn. Like with any dog, it’s important to set boundaries at an early age. Scottish Terriers love to be pampered and can easily be spoiled from the start. This is especially true if your Scottie was the “only child” of your family and now has to share its spotlight with a new baby in the family.

When your Scottish Terrier puppy and toddler are playing, it’s important to know that your Scottie may not want to share their toys or be played with roughly. For any dog breed, it’s advised to not leave your child alone with your dog to play. Slowly adapting your Scottie to your young child is the best way for them to get used to having another child around the home and result in a new friendship.

Scottish Terriers Listen to Firm Leadership

Scotties are devoted to generally one person in the household. Similar to a pack mentality, Scotties naturally gravitate to the alpha of the home who presents the strongest figure of leadership. Since young children do not exactly carry themselves as alphas, Scottish Terriers will not treat them as the pack leader. This does not mean that they will be aggressive or bite the child, but they certainly will not take orders from them either.

Toddlers tend to grab onto random objects and might see your Scottie as a toy. This may not settle well with your dog as they are more reserved and like to have their space. However, having firm control over your Scottie with strong leadership will keep them in line and teach them to show patience with your toddler.

Scottish Terrier at obedience schoolIf You Are Still Concerned About Your Scottish Terrier and Toddler Playing Nicely, Consider Obedience School

There’s a negative stigma about obedience schools in that they are for dogs who cannot behave. However, sending your Scottie to an obedience course is one of the best ways to ensure that your Scottish Terrier and toddler will be playmates for years to come. Your dog can receive training from professionals on what is acceptable behavior when interacting with your toddler and how it is never okay to snip at the baby, no matter how cranky they might be.

Overall, it is safe for your Scottish Terrier and toddler to play together. It’s important to pay close attention to your Scottie’s personality to really determine if taking the extra steps to send your Scottie to obedience school is needed for discipline.

At Southern Scotties, our Terriers are bred to ensure each of our puppies not only makes an adorable addition to your family but also have good temperaments for the safety of your child and others. For more questions regarding our Scotties, contact Southern Scotties today!

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