Scottie’s First Flight | Here’s How We Ship Your New Baby

If You’re Having a Puppy Shipped to You for the First Time, Don’t Worry Too Much. Here’s How We Do It.

You and your family finally chose the perfect Scottish Terrier, and she’s the cutest thing you have ever seen. There’s just one problem: she’s 900 miles away in southeast Louisiana. Choosing a puppy is hard enough, but figuring out how to get that puppy to you can be daunting, even scary. With our Scottish Terrier Delivery service, you don’t have to worry about getting your puppy from point A to point B because we take care of all the details for you.

2 Scottish Terriers ready to be shipped to new ownerShipping by Air—How Does It Even Work?

We work hard to ensure everyone who wants to own a Scottie has the opportunity to have one. Southern Scotties sends puppies to new owners in all 50 states from Baton Rouge on American Airlines or United Airlines. The puppy is delivered to your nearest major airport where you can pick them up.

We use American and United exclusively because when a puppy is shipped on an airplane, several factors come into play. Puppies can only fly on airplanes that have pressurized cargo areas, where they will be safe while it flies. American and United both have pressurized cargo areas for puppy-safe flying. To read more about American Airlines pet policies, click here. To read more about United Airlines new PetSafe program, click here.

Your Scottish Terrier has to be 8-weeks-old before its first flight, and we bring your puppy to get their health certification from a vet within 10 days of takeoff.

Shipping prices do not vary the way airline tickets do. Airlines charge shipping based on the cargo spaced used. So, whether you’re in Washington or Florida, flying a puppy costs the same. Our price for Scottish Terrier delivery is $400.

It’s Almost Time…Be Prepared for Pickup!Man waiting to pick up his shipped Scottish Terrier

The day before your Scottie arrives, get a few things ready. Be sure to call the airport where you will be picking up your puppy. Give them the flight information and find out if you will have to go to the airport or to a separate cargo building.

Pack your puppy supply bag with the following items:

  • Bottle of water
  • Small bowl
  • Extra-small harness and leash
  • Scissors or fingernail clippers to cut the plastic ties off the kennel
  • Paper towels
  • Hand Sanitizer

Scottish Terrier food bowlGet to the Airport! The Puppy is Coming!

All our puppies ship in a premium, airline-approved crate with puppy food, water, and a padded bed. We send all the necessary paperwork and records three days before your puppy boards the airplane through priority mail. Once you get your puppy, bring it outside. Give it lots of hugs and kisses. Your puppy may be scared with all the new people and environments, but you can calm them down with a ton of love and comfort.

Find a less busy area of the airport with a patch of grass to let your new friend out to potty. Keep an eye on your puppy when in busy places like the airport; airports have lots of traffic and can be dangerous places for small puppies. Be sure to clean out the pup’s kennel, especially if you have a long ride from the airport.

Also, let your new best friend rest on the drive home. Your Scottie has had a long, hard day. If your puppy wants to go into its kennel and rest, let it. If your new furry friend wants to sit in someone’s lap, let it do that too.

You finally have the newest member of your family and your puppy has a new pack. Make sure you give it a warm introduction to its new home. Puppies are just like children—when you put them into a new environment, they will be scared. Don’t worry over it too much, after a few days your puppy will be happy in its new home.

You did it! You got your Scottie home! Enjoy the rest of your lives together!

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping your puppy directly to you, please call Southern Scotties. We can’t wait to help you find your new best friend!

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