Steps for Potty Training Your Scottish Terrier Puppy

Scottish Terriers Can Be Potty Trained in a Week by Following These Steps

Bringing your Scottish Terrier puppy home for the first time is exciting, but it is also a big responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities of adopting any new puppy is, of course, potty training. When you are first potty training a Scottish Terrier, your furry friend should be at least nine weeks old. However, since Scottish Terrier breeders will generally not let an owner take one of the pups home until it is at least eight weeks old, this means potty training will begin as soon as you first introduce your Scottie to its new home.

Scottish Terriers are loved for their fearless, stubborn personalities. However, their strong-willed mentality can make potty training a bit of a challenge. To housebreak your Scottie puppy within a week, follow these tips to ensure that your new family member is properly trained to do its business outdoors and not on your floors.

Get Your Terrier Familiar with Going Outside

When you are first potty training your Scottish Terrier, it’s important to keep the puppy in a crate to keep it contained in one space. Any family member can take your Scottie out to potty, but only one person should go at a time. Whether it’s one person’s responsibility or everyone takes turns taking the Scottie out, use the same phrase each time your Scottie is going out such as, “Do you have to go potty?” or “Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Once your Scottie hears this phrase, take your puppy out of the crate and carry it so that the dog can see the door that you will be using. This is done to teach your furry friend where to go whenever he or she needs to potty and eventually start to ask to be let outside on its own. When you get to its regular potty spot or where you would like for your pup to potty, say the same phrase again and place the Scottie near the preferred spot. You should always show your puppy where he or she should potty because that is where it will go whenever the Scottie starts going outside alone.

A Scottish Terrier outside potty trainingUse This Time Outside Only for Potty-Training Purposes

Avoid using this time to play with your puppy outside, take a walk, or leave your puppy in the yard after he or she goes to the bathroom. This will confuse your Scottie and may cause potty training your puppy to take longer. This should be a quiet time for your four-legged friend and is most effective when there are no distractions. Other distractions to avoid include talking on the phone, chatting with your neighbors, and shouting to someone inside your house.

When you are outside with your Scottie, be sure to watch the pup out of the corner of your eye and not directly at it. Scottish Terriers have an independent temperament and don’t like to be on display any more than you would!

Try not to spend more than 3 to 5 minutes outside. If your pup has not gone within that time, carry your Scottie back to the house and place it in his or her crate. After about 15 minutes or so, repeat the earlier steps until your furry friend has successfully done its business outside.

Scotties Respond Best with Praise and Positivity

Because Scottish Terriers tend to be on the stubborn side, it is important to positively reinforce their good behavior rather than punish their unwanted behavior with harsh or aggressive discipline. Harsh authority will only make your Scottie ignore your rules and act out more.

When your Scottish pup has successfully done its business outside, give your furry friend plenty of praise and say how good he or she is all the way back to the house. Be sure to carry your puppy back to the house facing forward so that it can see the door. You can also give your Scottie a treat if you’d like.

Once your dog has successfully done its business outside, you can finally give your four-legged friend more freedom to roam around the house. Let them explore and play for about an hour before repeating the process again. Be sure to bring your Scottie to the same spot each time so he or she becomes familiar with the spot and does its business faster.

A Scottish Terrier that is confident after potty trainingDo Not Stop the Potty-Training Routine Until Your Scottish Terrier Is Confident on Its Own

You can start increasing the time between your Scottish Terrier’s potty training by about 15 minutes each week until your Terrier can hold it for several hours or is able to let you know when he or she needs to go. If you continue this practice, you can have your puppy potty trained in less than a week.

One advantage of owning a Scottish Terrier is that they are highly intelligent and fast learners. However, Scotties also do not like inconsistency in their routine and will seize any opportunity to misbehave. Once you start the potty-training process with your puppy, do not stop until he or she is fully trained. Otherwise, your Scottish Terrier may never be housebroken.

The time you spend potty training your Scottie is also a good time to teach your new companion discipline and to respect you as an authoritative figure. This means you should avoid having someone outside of your household come over and potty train your puppy for you. Let this be a learning experience exclusively between your family and its new member.

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