How Can I Tell If My Scottish Terrier Is Pregnant?

pregnant scottish terrier puppiesIt is pretty obvious that since you care a lot about dogs you want to take good care of your Scottish Terrier and one of the most important things is to examine her health. This includes confirming whether she is pregnant. To understand about a dog’s pregnancy, you should first comprehend how her body works. For instance, a dog will experience a heat circle before she will be able to get pregnant. According to veterinarians, you should not breed the dog during the first heat unless this happens after the dog is one year old. If you do this earlier, it might stunt her growth

Ideally, most dogs including Scottish Terrier go on heat 2 times a year. However, at times they might skip one, once in a while. While on heat, she will be able to breed with more than one male. Her circle will arrive every 6 to 9 month and she will be on heat for 3 consecutive weeks. The first thing that you will notice is a swollen vulva this will make the male dogs to be chemically drawn to her. In the second stage on heat she will actually be fertile and ready for procreation.

Signs your Scottish Terrier may be pregnant?

Some early signs of a Scottish Terrier pregnancy include reduced appetite, nipple growth, decreased activity and some behavioral changes. The decreased appetite is the same as the morning sickness which is experienced in humans. If your Scottish Terrier feels extremely exhausted, is more affectionate or just want to be left alone, may be, this is because of hormonal changes that have been triggered by the pregnancy.

After the first few weeks, her appetite will reappear and she will quickly gain weight. The abdomen will become thick and firm, especially if your touch it. Ironically, a smaller breeds’ belly is larger when pregnant than s bigger breed. This is because they have a small room to carry all the puppies. You will only be able to see the puppy’s movement during the last week of pregnancy. This is because she is taking a position for birth. Also, you will see several drops of milk leaking from the nipples before the labor. In sum, some of the signs to look for include decreased appetite, increased appetite, change in the nipple size and color, sudden decrease in activity and behavioral changes.

What to do if you Scottish Terrier is pregnant

In case you planned the breeding you are probably looking to confirm whether it was a success or not. If you did not plan it but only suspects that she is pregnant you will want to have the vet check her for that. Since the dog is able to handle the pregnancy alone your main job will be

  • Taking her to the veterinarians for the initial pregnancy test to make sure that the symptoms are not related to ill health
  • Providing her with the best nutrition you can
  • Giving her moderate exercise. This will help her stay toned
  • Ensure that she has a comfortable place to rest especially as her belly is expanding
  • keeping household stress to the minimum
  • Preparing a box that she will use when she is ready.


A Scottish Terrier can make a great pet for any family. Although it takes a keen eye to notice the pregnancy early, most signs and symptoms will become pretty obvious as the weeks wear on.

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