Tips for Grooming Your Scottish Terrier’s Fur

Grooming Your Scottish Terrier’s Fur Doesn’t Always Have to Be Done at the Salon

Scottish Terriers are best known for their small, stubby legs and bearded faces. Their physical appearance is a part of their lovable charm and is what makes them an adorable dog breed to own. However, in order to maintain their distinct looks, you will have to put some work into grooming your Scottish Terrier’s fur.

For Scottie dog owners, it is always good to know the proper fur grooming habits your four-legged companion needs to be accustomed to so each sprucing up goes smoothly. Whether you are simply wanting to do touchups between appointments or want to do full-scale grooming all on your own, follow these helpful fur grooming tips to ensure your Scottie is always looking and feeling its best.

a Scottish Terrier with brushed fur Brush Your Scottish Terrier’s Fur At Least Once a Week

Scottish Terriers have both soft and coarse layers of fur that must be brushed frequently to stay in the best condition possible. It is recommended that you run a brush through your dog’s fur about once a week. This will help easily remove the excess fur and also give you a chance to examine your dog’s skin for any bumps, cuts, or irritation.

For knots and tangles, try using a fine-toothed comb to gently detangle your pup’s fur. If you find knots in the fur that will not come out, do not tug at them as this will only hurt your terrier. Either try a detangling spray that is made for dogs or take a pair of clippers and simply snip the pesky knot out of the fur.

Hair Cuts and Trims Should Be Done Often

The frequency of hair trims your Scottish Terrier needs depends on the how long you are wanting your pup’s fur. If you want your Scottie’s fur to be short, we’d recommend giving your dog’s fur a trim about every two months. For longer-haired terriers, trimming about three to four times a year should do the trick.

Properly trimming your Scottish Terrier’s fur takes practice. If your styling and grooming techniques miss the mark then don’t get discouraged. Remember, fur does grow back and any mishap is not permanent. If you feel uneasy about using clippers on your Scottish Terrier’s fur, especially around the face area, it is best to let a professional dog groomer handle the haircuts.

Two Scottish Terriers getting a bathBaths Should Only Be Done When It’s Needed

Because Scottish Terriers have sensitive skin, bathing your furry companion too often could result in your pup having dry, flaky skin. Unless your Scottie’s fur has a foul scent or he or she rolled around in mud or something odorous, it’s best to avoid bathing your dog frequently.

Since Scotties are prone to dry skin, dandruff shampoos made for dogs is usually what is recommended by veterinarians. Of course, you can always ask your vet what he or she recommends for your dog’s unique coat.

Reward Your Scottie for Good Behavior

Scottish Terriers tend to be a little stubborn and may not make it easy for you to properly groom their fur. When you’re first starting out, simply getting your pup used to you handling its paws and legs will make a big difference in your Scottie’s comfort in being groomed. Praise your dog often for staying calm and still. Try to avoid handling your terrier with force as much as possible to avoid stressing out your furry friend.

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