Future Scottish Terrier Puppy Litters

Below are the Upcoming Scottish Terrier Matings with Anticipated Delivery Dates for New Scottish Terrier Puppies

Future Scottish Terrier Puppy Litters

Here you can find our future Scottish Terrier mating schedule, offering information on upcoming Scottie pairings or matches that are already in progress at Southern Scotties in Amite, Louisiana. We make every effort to keep our future Scottish Terrier pairings, confirmed pregnancies, whelpings, and expected delivery dates accurate so visitors will have the best information possible when searching for their perfect Scottish Terrier puppy. As a result of these matings we are able to offer our customers a beautiful selection of world class Scottish Terrier puppies available for purchase. Southern Scotties delivers high quality Scottie puppies in three different colors or markings. The color choices include black, brindle, and wheaten. Black, of course, is simply solid black in color. A majority of your Scottish Terrier breed are black in color. Brindle is a black or brownish color with a reddish/orange undercoat striping that that shows beautifully in sunlight. The wheaten Scotties are a beautiful white or off-white color that will sometimes display a reddish color mixed in.  If you have a question about a future Scottish Terrier mating at Southern Scotties or interested in when a particular female Scottish Terrier may be bred, feel free to email or call us. The team at Southern Scotties will gladly help find the answers your looking for.

scottish terrier puppies from sophie and charlie

Sophie & Charlie

Pregnancy Confirmed
Due Date: 2.16.2016
Price: $1200
scottish terrier puppies from lilly and charlie

Lilly & Charlie

Pregnancy Confirmed
Due Date: 3.14.2016
Price: $1200
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