Puppy Scams

Buyers Beware of the Online Puppy Scams

Puppy Scam Alert

We wanted to take a moment to let our visitors & customers aware of the high volume of “Puppy Scams” happening online.

Here is How the Scam Works:

You are in the market for a new puppy and look online for breeders. You find a website, webpage, or social media page that appears to be run by a legitimate dog breeder who has puppies available to buy. You will find puppy photos, health guarantees, and possibly even great testimonials. On most occasions, these puppies will be offered at a lower price than you will find on most reputable dog breeder pages or websites. So, you email the so-called breeder and he or she sends you another photo of the puppy and says the dog is still available. They will then ask for you to wire the money (or some other untraceable payment method). Following payment, they say the puppy will be shipped right out to you.

Please, don’t do this! You will never receive the puppy because these people never had the dog to begin with. The puppy scammer simply stole the information and puppy pictures from a reputable breeders’ webpage or website.

How to Avoid Puppy Scams:

– Take time and visit the breeder’s facility if within a reasonable driving distance. Responsible breeders are normally more than happy to have you visit their facility and show you around.

– Search for website warning signs. The reason fake breeder webpages or websites look real is because the content or pictures being shown are typically stolen from a legitimate breeder’s website. Look for duplicate sites by copying a line from the website into a search engine and looking for identical wording elsewhere on the Internet. Also, search for the domain name on “WHOIS Lookup.” This will help you verify that the website is hosted in the country where the breeder claims to be located.

– If possible, check references. Talk to others who have purchased pets from this breeder and the veterinarian the breeder works with. Breeder’s social media pages (if available) can be a good place to find reviews from previous puppy customers.

– Only pay for your new puppy by check or credit card. If a breeder is pressuring you to pay by wire transfer, Western Union. Moneygram, or prepaid debit card, it is more than likely another online “Puppy Scam.”

If you ever come across one of our Scottish Terrier puppies being shown for sale on another breeder’s website, take a moment and send us a quick message using our online contact form. Please, provide the website address where the puppy is being shown for sale as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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