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Scottish Terrier Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit Southern Scotties Kennel to purchase a Scottish Terrier puppy?

Absolutely! Visitors and customers are always welcome to stop in and see us at Southern Scotties. Our address is 26058 E. Snow Creek Road Amite, LA 70422. Please, call us at 985.981.1161 if you have any questions or need help with directions.

What forms of payment does Southern Scotties accept?

Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express / PayPal / Cash / Personal Checks (please allow 7 to 10 business days for personal checks to clear). To make a payment or find out more on our Scottish Terrier puppy pricing please visit our Pricing page.

How big will a Scottish Terrier grow to be?

Our Scottish Terriers will grow to be approximately 10 inches tall the shoulder level and weigh between 16 to 22 pounds.

What is the expected life span of a Scottish Terrier?

We can’t be exactly precise when determining the life span of any dog breed, but on average Scottish Terriers can live to be 13 to 15 years old.

Are your Scotties kept in cages?

No, we do not keep our Scottish Terriers in cages of any kind.

Does Southern Scotties have a puppy waiting list?

Yes, our Scottish Terriers are of the highest quality and we do have people that are willing to wait for their perfect puppy. We never recommend making an impulse decision when purchasing a puppy, as this adorable joy of fur is going to become part of your family for many years to come. Individuals signed up on our puppy list will have an opportunity to see pictures of all new Scottie litters before they are posted to the public on our website. Call or email us today and find out how you can be added to our puppy waiting list.

How much is a Scottish Terrier puppy at Southern Scotties?

Our Scottish Terrier puppies are priced at $1200 each. To reserve a puppy we require a $300 deposit. Please visit our “Pricing” page for complete details.

Are puppy deposits refundable?

No, the $300 puppy deposit is non-refundable and normally paid through online. However, if you prefer we will be happy to accept a personal check to hold your Scottish Terrier puppy. Personal checks can be mailed to: Snow Creek Farms, Amite, LA 70422.

Can you ship or fly Scottish Terrier puppies out of state?

Yes, Southern Scotties will be happy to send your new puppy to you. Your Scottish Terrier puppy can be flown to you overnight using American Airlines for a service fee of $350. Visit our Shipping page for complete details. Ground transportation is available too. Please, contact us if you would prefer ground transportation and we can provide you with more information.

Do Scottish Terriers have any other names?

Originally the Scottish Terrier was known as the Hard-Haired Scotch Terrier but was later changed. Sometimes, you may also hear the Scottish Terrier name shortened and called a “Scottie”.

When will Southern Scotties allow me to bring my new Scottish Terrier puppy home?

Most all of our Scottish Terrier puppies will be available to travel home with their new owners at approximately 8 weeks of age. If our staff feels that a puppy needs additional time with the mother, then the puppy may stay longer. The staff at Southern Scotties will make all final decisions in determining whether or not a puppy needs more time in our care before leaving our facility. We have great love for each puppy born in our kennel. That said, It is of great importance to ensure all of the Scottish Terrier puppies from Southern Scotties are in great health, strong, and maintaining a good diet before leaving our care.

Have Southern Scottie’s puppies had their puppy shots and seen a veterinarian?

Yes, all of our Scottish Terrier puppies are delivered by our facility’s primary veterinarian. When it is close to delivery time, the mother Scottish Terrier is given to our veterinary for 24 hour watch & care until she has delivered her puppies. The Scottie puppies will also have a 4 week healthy puppy checkup with our veterinarian to ensure all puppies are doing well. Each Scottish Terrier puppy will have received two of their required puppy shots and several worming treatments before going home with their new family. To learn more about our puppy preparation process please visit Southern Scotties Puppy Protocol page.

How is the temperament in Scottish Terriers?

The Scottish Terrier is considered to be loyal, loving and playful with his family. They are alert and spirited, stable, and steady-going. The Scottie can get a little scrappy with other dogs at times, but after short period will become playful with other animals inside your home.


What colors are Scottish Terriers puppies available in?

Our Scottish Terrier puppies will come in 3 different colors.
These colors include:
– Black – All black in color.
– Brindle – Black in color with a reddish/orange striping through the hair (very pretty in the sunlight).
– Wheaten – A solid white color or sometimes white with some reddish tint mixed in.

What type of fur do Scottish Terriers have?

The short outer coat is intensely hard and wiry. There’s a dense, soft undercoat as well. Hair is longer on the muzzle and over the eyes, forming a beard and eyebrows. The coat is also allowed to grow longer on the sides, underbelly and legs.

Will grooming be required with a Scottish Terrier?

Considerable grooming is needed to keep the Scottie looking trim. Pet coats may be clipped, but will lose the hard texture.

What type of dog food do you feed Scottish Terriers?

At Southern Scotties we feel it is imperative to feed our Scottie adults & puppies a premium dog food that is high in protein. We currently feed the Premium Edge name brand. Although, we recommend maintaining your puppy’s diet using Premium Edge it is not a necessity as we know the premium grade food comes with a slightly higher price than other puppy foods. Our staff at Southern Scotties will walk you through making a smooth transition from the Premium Edge brand to your preferred brand of puppy food at home.

How much food will a Scottish Terrier eat?

Your Scottish Terrier puppy will eat a lot of food since he or she is growing. So up to six months old, they need to eat 2-4 times what an adult dog eats to support their very rapid growth. Your adult Scottish Terrier dog requires 1 to 1.5 cups of a high-quality dog food daily. We recommend dividing the recommended amount into two meals during the day. The quality dog food is key when it comes to caring for the Scottish Terrier breed. You will find poor coat quality and health issues could arise if you change to a lower quality brand. Contact us if you have any questions regarding food for your Scottish Terrier. A Southern Scotties team member will be happy to assist.

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